Our fresh sausage is made in small batches. Individually frozen and vacuum sealing for freshness all year. 

  • Call head to book in your animal
  • All animals must be skinned, clean and free from all debris​
  • Must provide all tag(s) and details of who shot / delivered the animal
  • Cutting instructions will be taken at the time of delivery
  • You will be called when everything is ready for pick up​
  • Must pickup within 3 days of completion
  • Payment is due at time of pickup 

​Standard: hot or mild Italian, honey garlic, jamaican jerk, souvlaki & feta 


Cut and wrap animal up to 100 lbs:

$80.00 flat rate

Animal over 100lbs: 


​​​optional extras

​​​2020 Pricing

  • Professionally designed processing facility

  • Government inspected

  • Designated hanging space for hunted game

  • Professional butchers and wrappers


Venison / Moose


Cut and wrap bear:

100 lbs minimum

over 100 lbs: $1.00 / lb

Vacuum sealing available $0.60/lb

Get your hunted game processed by the professionals. 

Should your animal not be cleaned properly a $50 fee will be added


Your Hunted Game is treated with the same quality and care as any farm raised animal. Your meat is cut and wrapped as you like. We make fresh sausages, hamburg patties, kabobs, you name it!  Want a custom blend of meats or seasonings? No problem. 

Again this season, we have teamed up with Brothers Quality Meats for Smoking this season and are able to offer Pepperettes & Jerky to our customers.  ​

Patties / Kebobs: $1.10/lb

Pork meat: $3.00/lb

Smoking: $4.50/lb