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1 full Pesto Roll up, 2lbs of our Locally Raised Ground Beef, 2lbs of Ontario Air Chilled Chicken Stir fry, 4 pcs..
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1 full Pesto Roll up – Canadian Pork Tenderloin rolled with Pesto, Cheddar, Baby Spinach & Wrapped with Bacon. Super easy to cook, in the oven at 350 F on a baking sheet for about 45 mins. Add a side and you have a perfect meal for the whole family. (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed),

2lbs of our Locally Raised Ground Beef. Serve this up as Taco Tuesday or Spaghetti and Meat balls / sauce. Can’t go wrong with these classics! (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed, 1lb per pack),

2lbs of Ontario Air Chilled Chicken Stir fry. Cook this up in so many easy ways! Toss in some veggies and have a healthy stir fry or if you’re feeling ambitious grill up some peppers and onions and make Fajitas! (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed, 1lb per pack),

4 pcs of our Store made Gluten Wise Sausages (not a gluten free facility – but we do not add gluten to any sausages made at Valley) These BBQ, Bake or pan fry up beautifully. Make sausage on a bun or an amazing Jambalaya! Could also use them to top a home-made pizza or in a sauce. (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed),

Whole Air chilled Ontario Chicken. Get 2 meals out of these guys, a nice roasted chicken dinner and save the bones for a Great Chicken soup to simmer on Saturday! (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed)

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