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Free Standing Provincial Meat Plant No. 6697 

Multi Pick up: $20.00/Half

Multi pick up will be added for each additional pick up added for a single producer. (ex. John sends 4 beef for processing. 8 different customers of John’s come to pick up their halves. A multi pick up fee is added to John’s bill to cover the additional time per customer spent on  John’s beef outside cutting and wrapping.) We encourage the producer to do pick up and allocation of their animals in a single session to avoid this fee. 

*** Freezer time is limited to 3 days after notification that your meat is ready for pick up. Due to the demand of cutting services we have to ensure constant turn over. After three days a $5.00/tray/day will be added to your bill. Should you not be able to pick up, arrangements must be made prior to cutting your animal.***

Beef / Pork

Brown Wrap: $1.00/LB

Lamb / Sheep / Goat

Brown Wrap: 
Under 60 Lbs - $60.00
Over 60 Lbs - $1.00 lb

Slaughter & Delivery to Valley

Fees will be determined by Slaughter Facility and Transferred to Producer on Final Bill

Vacuum Packaging: $.90/Lb

Labelling: $.50/Lb

Patties: $1.10/Lb

Sausage: $3.75/lb

(Mild italian, hot italian, honey garlic, maple, Oktoberfest, jerk, chorizo, rosemary garlic)

Artisan Sausage: $4.35/lb
(mild italian, hot italian, honey garlic, maple garlic & farmers)

Value Added Items: Kabobs, Schnitzel, Rouladen: $2.50/lb

Bone Cutting: $45.00/ Animal

Smoking: starts at $4.40/lb

Transfer Fee: $25.00/animal
Transfer fee will be added when lambs/goats are picked up whole from Valley instead of directly from producer. 

Valley Services


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  • Vacuum packing and brown paper wrapping available
  • Custom logos or use of your own 
  • Ontario Stamp for Resale
  • ​Full customization of label layout
  • Provincially inspected by OMAFRA & Public Health

Your hard work should be shown in the end product. You put a lot of time and hard work raising your animals and Valley Custom Cutting ensures your meat packing reflects that.

We specialize in custom cutting, wrapping and value added products of all inspected animals. Our team prides themselves on quality work, making sure you get the best yield from your product.

We work with surrounding abattoirs for slaughter and delivery to our location.  The carcass ages and is cut to your specification in our facility. 

​Custom Labelling showcasing your farm logo, prices and information is available to producers who sell their meats commercially.  

Due to large volumes please call for all booking details.