IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM VALLEY- Please read entire statement.
Big changes at Valley. Everyone knows we are a very small crew of highly skilled and adaptable people. Well, COVID -19 has put us to the test to step up and do our part to stop the spread as best we can while continuing to remain operational. As both a retail butcher shop and a Provincial Meat Plant servicing over 75 different farms in the area, we have a lot of responsibility to be able to provide for both aspects of the business.
While the Provincial Meat Plant portion is remaining as is, the RETAIL portion is going to have a BIG change.

Starting MONDAY MARCH 23, 2020 we will be eliminating any foot traffic inside the building (essentially we are self isolating ourselves and business as much as we can so we can keep going). We will still be here doing our regular processing and making all of the delicious things you know and love. It’s HOW you acquire those amazing treats that’s changing.

It’s simple but it is an adjustment... Trust us, we get it. This will take some getting used to. But if we tweak our system, we can all win! We have a plan.

Here’s the scoop.
We built an online menu / ordering system (items are being added everyday), you can browse this system to figure out what you want and order it right on the web site if it’s a standard order Like a Freezer order or Locally produced goods. All Meat i.e 2x ground beef, 3x rib steaks, etc. Fall under the custom or special order details below. 

If it’s a Custom or special order like cut to order roasts and steaks etc these are all still available just like any other day but now this is how you tell us what you want and when:
Call us (613)205-1111 - new number will be coming for orders.
Email us

Once the order is placed (Makes sure you read this carefully):
You will receive an invoice AS SOON as the order is built and ready to go (if you placed your order in our online store this part will already be done)
Once you receive the invoice you can click the pay invoice button. Follow the prompts and done. But this means you can COME PICKUP during pick up hours. 


TUESDAY - SATURDAY  10:00am - 3:00PM 
Arrive at decided pickup time.
Call us from your car, let us know you’re here.
When we get outside with your order, we ask that you have your trunk open for us and we will set it in for you. We ask that you keep a safe distance away and close the trunk.
And you’re done!

You have your meat orders that you love and we all stay healthy and operational.

This will be a massive change. But a necessary one to be able to provide our community and surrounding area with our products and also, don’t forget the local producers we sell for in our shop! These guys are being affected by this as well. We are loading all of them on the online menu/ ordering system and can all be added to any type of orders.

Thank you all for your support. We are trying our very best to keep moving forward. This will be a challenging time for us all. So hopefully this helps a bit for everyone. Sending positive thoughts and good health to everyone.