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4 x Valleys Signature Valley Broils, 4 x Air Chilled Ontario Chicken Breasts, 1 x Pack approx.
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4 x Valleys Signature Valley Broils. A definite store favourite. Pork loin & Ham with a Sausage and Cheese Curd Centre, wrapped in bacon. It is decadent for sure, but add some veggies as a side and you’re all set! (Frozen, Vacuum sealed 2 per pack),

4 x Air Chilled Ontario Chicken Breasts Marinated in our special no “junk” marinades (Butchers Blend, Savory, Lemon Pepper or Mediterranean). Easy to grill or bake whole or slice for stir fry. We only use whole ingredient locally made spice blends for our chicken. (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed, 2 breasts per pack),

1 x Pack approx. 500g of AAA Canadian Beef Stew. Use this to make your own hearty Beef stew in the crock pot while you’re at work. Coming home to a hot cooked meal hasn’t been easier! (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed),

4 pcs Store made Pork Schnitzel. Lightly breaded flattened pork ready to pan fry and serve with your favorite side dishes like garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. Quick and easy week night dinner for you and your family. (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed, 1 piece per pack),

4 x Air Chilled Ontario Chicken Breasts. These tender chicken breasts can be cooked up any way you like. Make a butter chicken dish by adding your favorite sauce accompanied by rice and broccoli. Or make a healthy chicken stir fry with a variety of colourful veggies! (Frozen & Vacuum Sealed, 2 breasts per pack)

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