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Quality Standards 

At Valley Custom Cutting, we care deeply about offering our customers quality meat. All of our products are 100% Canadian. This is what makes Valley Custom Cutting very different from many other meat retailers.


All of our beef is Canadian AAA or Higher and is aged a minimum of 21 days.

Sides of Beef or Pork:

Beef:  Sides or ¼ beef are all locally raised and aged here onsite, cut to your specification with guidance from our butchers on how to get the best yield from the animal, and packaged exactly how you like it.


Sides of Beef are sold by hanging rail weight.

Pork: Sides of Ontario and Quebec pork are available and can be cut to your specification and packaged how you like. Sold by hanging rail weight.

Please call for details and pricing.


All of our pork comes from Canadian producers known for high quality and ethical standards

We only purchase fresh, top quality sides of pork and primals.

Local Lamb: We buy only locally raised lamb. 


Sold fresh, frozen and by the side, cut and wrapped to your specification. 

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All of our chicken is air chilled and grain fed, as well as hormone, steroid and antibiotic free (like all chicken in Canada.)

The Poultry industry has two accepted ways to cool the birds when they are processed – using air or using water. Most processors use the water bath method, cooling their chickens in large communal vats of ice-cold chlorinated water.


But at Valley we source only air chilled birds. During processing they are cooled with air and never bathed in chlorine or injected.  Here’s why:

We sell chicken, not water.

When chickens are water chilled, they absorb some of the water they’re placed in and then they’re injected with more water, so when you buy water-chilled chicken, part of what you’re paying for is water.

Some estimates say that, on average, water is actually 8% of the chicken’s body weight when it’s sold. But when you buy air-chilled chicken, all you’re paying for is chicken.

Air-chilled chicken tastes better.

Because our birds aren’t subjected to the chlorine or added salt and water that is absorbed by the birds in the industrial chilling tanks, chefs agree that air chilling preserves the true flavor of the birds.

Air-chilled chicken cooks better.

The water in water-chilled chicken evaporates as it cooks, creating shrunken, rubbery chicken, especially when it’s grilled or barbecued. Further, air-chilled chicken cooks faster, absorbs marinades and seasonings much better, and has a crispier skin after cooking.


Any seasoned chicken is spiced with our own custom milled blend of spices.

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