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Standard Freezer Bundles

Lean Protein Pack
4lbs Lean Ground Beef, 4lbs Ground Chicken, 4lbs Ground Turkey, 2 lbs Ground Pork, 12 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts...
The Traditional
6 Chicken Legs, 6 Bone in Chicken Breasts, 10 Lbs Ground Beef, 4 Lbs Stew, 8 Pork Chops, 1 Beef Roast (3-4 lbs)...
Just the Fun Stuff
4 Stuffed Chicken Breasts, 4 Valley Broils, 4 Jalapeño Popper Chicken Breasts, 4 London Broils, 2 Packs of 2 Pork or Chicken...
Stocking up the Freezer
10 lbs Ground Beef 2- Beef Roasts (3-4lbs) 5 lbs Bacon 2 Packs of Sausage (4 per pack) 8 Pork Chops 10 Boneless Skinless...
The Essentials
5 lbs Ground Beef 3 lbs Bacon 4 Valley Broils 4 London Broils 2 Striploin steaks 6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts...
Little bit of Everything
2 lbs Ground Beef 1 Valley Broil 2 Stuffed Chicken Breast 2 Pork Chops 1 Pack Sausages (4) 1 Striploin Steak 2 Boneless...
The Basics
4 x ¾” Canadian Pork Chops, 1 pk (4-6pcs) Air Chilled Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, 4 pcs of our Store made Gluten Wise ...
Always on the run
4 x Valleys Signature Valley Broils, 4 x Air Chilled Ontario Chicken Breasts, 1 x Pack approx.
Stress Free Thinking
1 full Pesto Roll up, 2lbs of our Locally Raised Ground Beef, 2lbs of Ontario Air Chilled Chicken Stir fry, 4 pcs..
All Dressed Up, No Place To Go
2 lbs AAA Canadian Beef Stir Fry, 2 x Canadian Pork Tenderloins, 4 x Air Chilled Ontario Chicken Breasts, 4 x AAA Canadian ...
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